3000KW Hydro Power Equipment sets in North Korea
    发布时间: 2022-05-08 14:17    

3000KW Hydro Power Equipment sets in North Korea

A few days ago, the North Korean 3000KW hydropower project unit passed the assessment and successfully completed the 30-day commercial trial operation. The project unit was successfully put into trial operation, which has accumulated valuable experience for the implementation of other projects in North Korea, and also laid a foundation for the smooth implementation of the subsequent operation and transformation of other project units.

The installed capacity of the North Korea hydropower project is 3x1 MW. The project adopts a parallel contracting model. SHANDONG MAX was officially signed on January 8, 2019. The scope of work is mainly the production of s water turbines, generator governors and other equipment, and electrical auxiliary equipment. Procurement and installation, including main transformer repair work, generator outlet circuit breaker GCB and current limiting fuses, isolated phase closed busbars, medium voltage cabinets, low voltage cabinets, plant transformers, cables, lighting systems, communication systems, monitoring and protection systems and other equipment.

The DPRK Hydropower Station lasted for nearly 34 months from the beginning to its formal commissioning, which is characterized by a long construction period and great difficulty in fulfilling the contract. Contracting is refined, design coordination points are multi-line long; job conversion, overall level coordination is complex and changeable; process connection, progress coordination is difficult to agree.

Especially at the beginning of 2020, the sudden covid-19 swept the world, which made the project performance even worse. "People can't get out and equipment can't be transported in", and the project once fell into a state of shutdown. Faced with such a situation, with the full help of leaders and departments at all levels, the project department took the initiative to take the initiative, actively responded to local policies, closely followed the deployment of SHANDONG MAX, fully integrated and allocated various resources, and carried out in-depth epidemic prevention work. At the same time, we will make every effort to break new ideas and methods for project performance which has played a very important role in boosting the morale of the entire team.