Max Hydro Power Equipment Limited owns  50years experience in the development and manufacture of generating equipment with the advanced design idea and scheme, it is more than 20 years experence in construction design and producing.We owns the whole EPC service system in the small and medium size hydro power.

MAX HYDRO owns proprietary intellectual property rights to hydropower equipment,  different mechanical processing equipments testing equipments, we can provide with EPC-hydro power plant design, civil construction, transmission lines, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training, consulting-------one package service for full set of hydropower equipment.

MAX HYDRO has rich experience in the production of hydropower equipments, we can produce more than 2, 000 different specifications including axial flow, Kaplan tubular, Francis, Pelton , and Impulse turbine, single unit capacity200—100000kw, our hydropower equipment  users are from 10 different provinces all over the country, and export to more than 20 countries overseas. 

Max Hydro Power Equipment Limited was selected the priorty development new technology enterprise by the local government. Strive to be an innovative enterprise, while actively responding to the government industrial structure adjustment, explore characteristic development channels, provide high-quality green energy for customers at home and abroad, and contribute to the goal of carbon neutrality as soon as possible.