Rotor of Unit 1 of Stung Atay HPP in Cambodia was successfully hoisted
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A few days ago, the rotor of Unit 1 of the Stung Atay HPP I in Cambodia, which was constructed by the 10th Bureau of Hydropower, smoothly entered the stator pit of the generator and achieved precise docking, which was highly affirmed by the owner's supervisor.

Located in Osan Township, Pursat Province, Kingdom of Cambodia,Stung Atay HPP  is one of the power stations planned and built by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy of Cambodia in the Erasai River Basin. The power station hub is composed of concrete gravity dam, overflow dam, rockfill dam with geomembrane core wall of joints on both sides, spillway, dam-type water inlet, buried pipe in dam, dam-style powerhouse and outdoor switch station and other buildings. The total length of the dam is 340.0 meters, the crest elevation is 519.5 meters, and the maximum dam height is 57.5 meters. The penstock is buried in the dam, and the water supply method is one machine and one pipe. The rated flow rate of a single machine is 35.5 cubic meters per second, and the rated water head is 32.5 meters. There are 2 installed machines in the plant, with a single machine capacity of 10 megawatts, a total installed capacity of 20 megawatts, and an annual power generation of 465 million kwh.

At present, the projects undertaken by PowerChina have accounted for 30% of Cambodia's national power installed capacity. The project has effectively alleviated the situation that Cambodia's domestic power supply is completely dependent on fuel oil and imports, promoted the rapid economic and social development of Cambodia, and is of great significance to enhancing the traditional friendship between China and Cambodia and establishing the brand image of PowerChina.