Small Hydro Turbine

Francis Hydro Turbine

Model: MAX-HL (customer-made)


Power Outputs: 50kW - 10000kW


Suitable head: 10m-70m


Suitable flow: 0.5m³/s-20m³/s

Characteristics and Advantages:

Francis Type Hydroelectric Generator is the most widely used in the modern world. Its highest efficiency has reached to 95%; Francis Generator has the most widely coverage water head, from 5m to 700m, but in practical use, mainly from 30m to 300m; 

Possess as follows advantages: compact design, reliable operation, high efficiency and easy to install and care; mainly type used for power station is divided into two kinds of structures: vertical and horizontal; Runner diameter in the range of 35 to 100cm,  horizontal turbine is suitable; Runner diameter more than 100cm, vertical turbine is suitable.

MAX Machine Francis Hydroelectric Generator mainly ranges from 50kw to 10000kw; After years of experience and study, we can meet various requirements for different power station project. Welcome your questions and inquiries.