Auxiliary Equipment

Speed Governor

We produce two types of speed governor: Hydraulic pressure(YWT) and manual and electric integrated.


YWT series of high oil-pressure ,micro computer governor is a new hydro turbine speed governor, which uses programmable technology, the latest achievements of modern hydraulic technology and digital technology.

The governor not only has advanced technical indicators and complete functions, but also has a simpler structure than that of a conventional oil-pressure hydro turbine. The mechanical hydraulic pressure part is composed of standard industrial hydraulic components, and has high operation reliability and simple maintenance. Because of the technology of using standard hydraulic components has matured, is replacing the conventional hydraulic series micro and small hydro turbine speed governor.

Compared with the conventional low oil pressure (2.5 / 4.0Mpa) speed governor, the high oil pressure (16Mpa) has significant technical and economic advantages:

a, High working oil pressure , small size, light, less fuel consumption, so power station layout is convenient.

b, Hydraulic parts are high-volume industrial produced. They are of standardization, serialization, and a high degree of integration. And they are equality-reliable and cost-effective.

c, Use high-pressure pumps, valves, cylinders and other modern hydraulic devices and accessories. The use of electro-hydraulic digital valve and other modern electro-hydraulic control technology reduces the hydraulic amplification, making the speed control system simple, and with high performance and reliable work.


Manual and electric integrated

Manual and electric integrated speed governor is used to regulate the flow of water through the turbine equipment, which widely used in Turgo type, Inclined jet type, Axial flow and Francis water turbine hydropower station. It is of great significance to achieve the normal turbine speed. The product consists of motor, reducer, stroke control mechanism, torque limit mechanism, manual and electric switching mechanism, opening instruction structure and controller. All the products meet the requirements of JB/T8528-1997, which is characterized by small size, light weight, convenient and flexible operation and reliable quality.